• Sustainability

    By buying vintage & second hand clothing you save valuable resources! We ship your order climate-neutrally and use recycled packaging material.

  • Refund Policy

    You decide what you like! You don't like an item you ordered or you notice when you try it on that an item doesn't fit? No problem! You can simply send it back to us up to two weeks after receipt and get your money back. Want more information about returns? Click here !

About lastdecades

Hey! :)

I'm Carlo from Berlin, your trusted vintage dealer and I'll reliably supply you with hot stuff from the lastdecades.

#staysafe #stayvintage

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  • Michael

    I can only recommend lastdecades - I've bought clothes from there a lot and I still really enjoy wearing them...
    In addition, the owner Carlo is very personable and lives and loves what he does <3

  • Hanna

    Cool pieces at fair prices and with good quality!!

    All of my orders have been processed without any complications so far, so I'm always happy to come back to the online shop :)


  • Janine W.

    Great online shop!

    I have already ordered there twice and everything went very smoothly.

    If a part doesn't fit, you can send it back, so there's no problem with returns.

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Here are a few FAQs about our vintage online shop and reasons why you should buy more vintage clothing in the future - second hand fashion is the alternative to fast fashion. 💚🌍

Vintage clothing and second hand fashion are becoming increasingly popular. It is not a trend that will pass, but can do much more as part of the regenerative concept of “circular fashion”. There are few counterarguments to dressing sustainably and style-consciously while protecting your wallet, right? We would even say there are no arguments against vintage or second hand.

It's clear that you don't tend to buy underwear used, but you can buy all other items of clothing second hand in excellent condition, for example online here from us. Our vintage clothing is handpicked, which means that only what we had in hand beforehand is included in the range. It happens from time to time that items have small defects. Of course, we try to remove these as best we can and always indicate them in the description. What you end up ordering online here is clothing that is given a second life.

Be part of our mission when it comes to making fashion consumption more sustainable! ♻️

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