The environmentally friendly alternative to fast fashion ♻️

Fast fashion has become a major contributor to the environmental crisis, with cheap, disposable clothing being produced at an alarming rate. However, there is an alternative to this terrible trend: vintage clothing.

Vintage clothing is not only a unique and fashionable way to dress, but also an environmentally friendly one. By purchasing vintage clothing, you are giving new life to an existing item of clothing rather than contributing to the demand for new, cheap clothing.
Plus, vintage clothing is often made from higher quality materials, meaning it lasts longer and needs to be replaced less often. This not only benefits the environment, but also saves money in the long run.
Vintage clothing also has a smaller environmental footprint because it does not require the energy and resources used during the production of new clothing. To give an example: The new production of a T-shirt requires 2700 liters of water, which corresponds to the drinking water consumption of one person for two and a half years. ( National Geographic, EPRS)

In our company, we also strive to be resource-efficient and low-emission when shipping. Recycled material is used in the packaging and our shipping service provider Deutsche Post DHL ships your orders CO2-neutrally as part of the “GoGreen” program. (DHL Deutsche Post)

So when you buy vintage clothing, you can look good and feel good about having a positive impact on the environment.

So next time you want to buy a new outfit, choose the sustainable version: vintage clothing. Your closet and our planet will thank you. 🌎💚💙


If you are interested in the topic of sustainability, we highly recommend that you find out more. You can find good resources on the European Parliament website:

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