Behind the Scenes

Here we give you an insight behind the scenes of our small company.

Carlo, vintage enthusiast and shop owner


Vintage warehouse in Berlin Kreuzberg

The camp in Berlin Kreuzberg


How does a piece of clothing actually end up in our online shop?


The vintage clothing is first carefully selected and checked. This way, we make sure that every piece is in good condition and that the product descriptions are correct.

Quality control


It is then ironed and, if in doubt, processed to remove wrinkles and creases for attractive product photos. The clothing is then photographed and the images with product descriptions are uploaded to the online shop. We also measure each item and indicate the length and width in cm. This makes it easier for you to assess whether a part fits. Here you can find our size chart and more information about measurements.

Product photos and & upload


Once you have sent your order from the comfort of your sofa or somewhere else, we will start the shipping process. Your order will be picked from the warehouse and packaged. It will then be sent on its journey to your home with a greeting card. Our shipping service provider is Deutsche Post / DHL. Of course, we only have a limited influence on their processes, but experience shows that you can look forward to your shipment after 1-3 working days ! You can find more information about shipping here



If the package has arrived safely, you will be in possession of the finest lastdecades pieces that will last for a long time if you take good care of them. If the clothing meets your expectations, and you enjoy wearing it, we as a shop would of course be extremely happy if you tag us on social media with your new outfit! Every positive response encourages us to continue with our mission of more sustainable fashion consumption :)


Do you have any questions about our processes, or would you like to leave us feedback? We look forward to receiving suggestions and criticism at